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Sun Born Natural Products Co. Scores A Knockout Punch with World Boxing Champ Tony “The Tiger” Lopez

photo of boxing champion Tony the Tiger in the ring

3-Time World Light-Weight Boxing Champ Tony "The Tiger" Lopez gives thumbs up on Sun Born Natural Products Co. Herbal Chi Balm

 "For the last few month's my elbow has been bothering me when I punch the bag. I used the balm and now it doesn't hurt anymore. I am not kidding, this stuff really works,”said Boxing Champion Tony “The Tiger” Lopez

       Sacramento, CA— Sun Born Natural Products Co. Herbal Chi Balm grabs the world boxing spotlight today with its announced endorsement of three time world light-weight champion Tony “The Tiger” Lopez.

“For the last few months my elbow has been bothering me when I punch the bag. I used the balm and now it doesn’t hurt anymore. I am not kidding, this stuff really works,” said Boxing Champion Tony “The Tiger” Lopez.

Lopez joins a long list of celebrities and world class athletes who use and endorse Herbal Chi Balm. The Herbal Chi Balm formula contains 100 percent pure organic unrefined Shea Butter, and lavender oil along with 20 hot and cold Chinese herbs.

Lopez, now runs a successful bail bond business inSacramento, he was raised and were he started boxing at the age of 10. As an amateur, he fought more than 100 bouts losing less than five. Lopez turned pro in 1983 fighting his first bout at The Memorial Auditorium.

Herbal Chi Balm box image

Herbal Chi Balm by Sun Born Natural Products Co.

As a pro, Lopez compiled a record of 29-1 with 22 K.O.’s before his first world title bout fighting Rocky Lockridge for the International Boxing Federation (IBF Jr.) Lightweight belt. Lopez won a unanimous decision to become Northern California’s first world champion.  “We are very honored by the fact the distinguished World Champion Boxer Tony ‘The Tiger’ Lopez uses and endorses our Herbal Chi Balm, and we look forward to other professional athletes endorsements,” said President Roland G. Ludlow, Sun Born Natural Products Co. For the full story visit:


Sun Born Natural Products Co. to support “California Combat Sports Triple Challenge” and charity benefit in Northern California

Image poster of Jody Perry Triple Combat

Saturday, June 25th

Sacramento, CA – Sun Born Natural Products Co. has announced it plans to sponsor “California Combat Sports Triple Challenge” in Northern California this weekend.  50 percent of the proceeds from the event will benefit two nonprofits. Sun Born Natural Products Co. will also have an exhibit for its Herbal Chi Balm, which is used by Olympic Athletes and Grandmaster Jody Perry. Just recently Herbal Chi Balm received the endorsement of Tony Lopez (Tony “The Tiger” Lopez), a former professional boxer from Sacramento, California. He was a three-time World Boxing Champion.

He is remembered for his victory in the 1988 – The Ring Fight of the year by decision over Rocky Lockridge. Lopez also fought against the Mexican legend Julio César Chávez in 1994 in Monterey. Tony Lopez is now retired from boxing and runs a bail bond agency in Sacramento.

Weekend Event This Saturday

Sun Born Natural Products Co. To Sponsor “California Combat Sports Triple Challenge”


An Exhibition of skill, Technique and Endurance                      

Presented by: Grandmaster Jody Perry’s Full Circle  and The Hawaii Martial Arts International Society


Grandmaster Jody Perry. Jody Perry’s Full Circle and
The Hawaii Martial Arts International Society


Sat., June 25, 2011

(10:00 am to 5:00 pm) 11:30 a.m.1:30 p.m.


Peter M. Callinan Sports and Fitness Center
5401 Snyder Lane, Rohnert Park, CA 94928
(One hour away from the San Francisco Bay area
and 20 minutes from Charles Schulz Sonoma County Airport.
[Take the Rohnert Park Expressway East – off Hwy 101]

Visuals & Background:

This event will provide the “True” combined martial artists a stage to demonstrate their skills in different arenas of combat.

image of Grand Master Jody Perry

Grand Master Jody Perry

Perry’s Full Circle will be donating 50 percent of the profits from this event to two nonprofits: The Santa Rosa YWCA Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services Program in Sonoma County, and for research at St. Jude Children’s Hospital. The event donation is $10.00 for adults and children 12 years and younger will get in free.

Presented by Grandmaster Jody Perry’s Full Circle and The Hawaii Martial Arts International Society.

This three style challenge involves Stand-up Continuous SparringJacket Fighting and Folk-Style Wrestling, and it will give the audience a chance to see competitors of different disciplines competing in more then one style.

image of box of Herbal Chi BalmSun Born Natural Products Co. primary distributor of Herbal Chi Balm is a sponsor of the event. For info more information visit: or call: 866-339-7738.  

“Whenever I am low on energy, and need a lift before teaching my students, I apply Herbal Chi Balm to key acupuncture points,” said Former – Sambo World Champion, Jody Perry, a Sambo World Team coach, eight time Gold Medal holder.

image of Sun Born Natural Products logo

Sun Born Natural Products Co.'s Herbal Chi Balm

“This immediately adds energy to my body, improves my focus, and lessens the sting of my opponent’s punches. It has become an essential part of my workout, and I always carry some in my equipment bag.” For more on Jody Perry visit: or
call: (707) 217-9720

Media contact: George McQuade 818) 340-5300 or 818-618-9229. Herbal Chi Balm