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Manhattan noted Doctor Faith Endorses Sun Born Products Co. Herbal Chi Balm

image of Doctor Faith Leuschen A Manhattan Beach  chiropractor and master  trainer of Neurological  Relief Center™ joins a short  list of celebrities, athletes  and doctors who have used  and endorsed Sun Born  Natural Products Co Herbal  Chi Balm.

 “It is a great pain reliever, and I rub it on my sore arm and leg muscles after full day of workouts,” said Dr. Faith E. Leuschen, DC, master trainer NRCT™.

“I plan to put it to the real test and try it out on my patients who will be getting a massage.”

As a master trainer in Neurologic Relief Center Technique™  Dr. Leuschen teaches the Neurologic Relief Center Technique™ to doctors from all over the country, hence helping thousands of disabled people across America who suffer from Fibromyalgia, severe pain, headaches, anxiety, depression, muscle pain, loss of memory, tremors, stroke, low back pain, neck pain, numbness, tingling and burning pain.

Sun Born Natural Products Co.’s Herbal Chi Balm offers an out-of-the-box gift idea for Dad and Grandpa on Father’s Day June 19th

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Happy Father's Day

image of logo of Sun Born Natural Products Co.

 Sun Born Natural Products Co.’s Herbal Chi Balm offers  an out-of-the-box gift idea for Dad and Grandpa on   Father’s Day June 19th

“No matter what the sport or activity, now Dad can energize those muscles with Herbal  Chi Balm, or relieve the pain afterwards,” said Roland Ludlow, Sun Born  Natural Product’s CEO.

image of David Carradine

David Carradine / Anderson

Father’s Day (June 19th) is right around the corner; why not order a special, out-of-the-box gift on Father’s, and give Dad some relief to those aching muscle. Herbal Chi Balm by Sun Born Natural Products Co. has just made it available inAmerica.

“No matter what the sport or activity, now Dad can energize those muscles with Herbal Chi Balm, or relieve the pain afterwards,” said CEO Roland Ludlow, Sun Born Natural Products Co. “The Balm can be ordered Online at a special, reduced price.”

Ludlow also says it is great for aching neck muscles, back injuries, shoulder muscles, tennis elbows, carpal tunnel wrist pain and hands, knees, angles and minor injuries. He also noted that many athletes use if for training to gain the edge. “They use to energize the body, develop strength, improve stmina, to relieve pain and stop soreness before it begins.

The Herbal Chi Balm is a specialized natural product used for relief of pain from physical exertion, minor injury, and used for sports training during warm up and cool down after exercise. The Balm formula contains 100 percent pure organic unrefined Shea Butter, and lavender oil along with 20 hot and cold Chinese herbs.

Just recently, noted Actress, Marina Anderson (Law & Order: Los Angeles, Desperate Housewives), the ex-wife of the late Kung Fu TV Icon Actor David Carradine announced her endorsement of the Herbal Chi Balm.

Olympic runner Patrick Johnson

Patrick Johnson

“I tried it on my sore neck and back, and not only did it help the pain go away, but it left me with a relaxed, warm, calm feeling in my muscles,” said Marina Anderson. “I’m going to use it next time I get a massage too!”

Anderson joins a short list of worldwide celebrities, who are using the Herbal Chi Balm from Sun Born Natural Products Co.World Class Sprinter, 100 meter record holder, and previous Olympic Runner Patrick Johnson are another athlete who uses the Herbal Chi Balm.

Patrick Johnson World Class Sprinter – Australian Record Holder 100m 

“As a professional athlete, the rigors of training can take its toll on the body. Muscle aches, stiffness, and soreness are common place. I have found Herbal Chi Balm to be extremely effective in relieving these discomforts, and very beneficial for training when used prior to my warm ups and later when I cool down”
Patrick Johnson – 9.93 – 100 m

Grandmaster Jody Perry 

image of Grand Master Jody Perry

Grand Master Jody Perry

Former – Sambo World Champion, Sambo World Team Coach, Eight Time Gold Medal Holder “Whenever I am low on energy, and need a lift before teaching my students, I apply Herbal Chi Balm to key acupuncture points. This immediately adds energy to my body, improves my focus, and lessens the sting of my opponents punches. It has become an essential part of my workout, and I always carry some in my equipment bag” 

Marie Ribeiro, MD – (Pediatrician)

image of Dr. Marie Riberiro

Dr Marie Ribeiro, MD Pediatrician

“Master Yau’s holistic balm blends the ancient knowledge and healing arts of traditional Eastern medicine combined with modern day science to provide a simple, elegant method to self awareness, rejuvenation, and wellness. I use it daily.”

Dr. Ribeiro has been with Bay Area Pediatric Medical Group since 1991. She attended theUniversity ofCalifornia,Berkeley where she received her Bachelor of Science in 1980. From there she attended theUniversity ofCalifornia, Davis School of Medicine receiving her M.D. in 1985. Dr. Ribeiro did her postgraduate work in Pediatrics at the University of Southern California/L.A. County Hospital. She completed her Residency in Pediatrics in 1989.

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