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Sun Born Natural Products is surfs for endorsements at the U.S. Open of Surfing

Huntington Beach, CA— Sun Born Natural Products Co. and Herbal Chi Balm creator Greg Yau is attending the annual 10-day festival of surfing, skateboarding, BMX and music inHuntington Beach,CA, the epicenter of world champion surfers and skateboarders. The event is expected to draw more than 500,000 people.

“I’m going to the US Open Surfing Championships in Huntington Beach, because I was invited by Steve Luther, president of Converse Action Sports division,” said Kung Fu Grandmaster Greg Yau, Sacramento, CA. Sun Born Natural Products Co. recently donated four dozen jars of Herbal Chi Balm to the American Cancer Society Relay for Life event, Hollywoodlast weekend.

The Herbal Chi Balm is a specialized natural product used for relief of pain from physical exertion, minor injury, and used for sports training during warm up and cool down after exercise. The Balm formula contains 100 percent pure organic unrefined shea butter, and lavender oil along with 20 hot and cold Chinese herbs.

“We are looking at the young community of up and coming champion skateboarders and surfers to endorse our products,” said Roland Ludlow, president & CEO, Sun Born Natural Products Co. “It’s an alternative to chemical pain relievers and the balm does not contain any parabens, gluten or additives.  It is made in America.”
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Manhattan noted Doctor Faith Endorses Sun Born Products Co. Herbal Chi Balm

image of Doctor Faith Leuschen A Manhattan Beach  chiropractor and master  trainer of Neurological  Relief Center™ joins a short  list of celebrities, athletes  and doctors who have used  and endorsed Sun Born  Natural Products Co Herbal  Chi Balm.

 “It is a great pain reliever, and I rub it on my sore arm and leg muscles after full day of workouts,” said Dr. Faith E. Leuschen, DC, master trainer NRCT™.

“I plan to put it to the real test and try it out on my patients who will be getting a massage.”

As a master trainer in Neurologic Relief Center Technique™  Dr. Leuschen teaches the Neurologic Relief Center Technique™ to doctors from all over the country, hence helping thousands of disabled people across America who suffer from Fibromyalgia, severe pain, headaches, anxiety, depression, muscle pain, loss of memory, tremors, stroke, low back pain, neck pain, numbness, tingling and burning pain.