NFL players huddle at celeb basketball game for a good cause with Sun Born Natural Products Co. Herbal Chi Balm (rub on pain relief)

Adrian Ross Maddbacker”s 7th Annual Celebrity Basketball Game and charity event in Sacramento, at the Capital Christian Center reach out in the name of charity.


Poster board signed by Adrian Ross (Center Signature). Many other athletes and celebs signed Sun Born Natural Products Co. Poster over the weekend. (Roland G. Ludlow)

Sacramento, CA – Celebrities gathered in Sacramento over the weekend in the name of charity. The event was put on by  former NFL player Adrian Ross of Sacramento.

It was simply entitled: “Adrian Ross Maddbacker”s 7th Annual Celebrity Basketball Game”

Proceeds go to the Elk Grove Police Activity League, Shriners Hospital, True Grit Sports, Academy, Roberts Family Development Center and U-Can Go To College (UCAN).

List of Names on poster: Host of the event: Adrian Ross-Bengals, Marion Moore-Dolphins, Sydquan Thompson-Broncos, Alex Vandyke-NY Jets/Raiders, Scott Ryan-Diamond Hunter, Otis Griffin-Boxer, Clark Haggans-Cardinals, Damon Washington-NY Giants, Phil Olivas-CBS Radio, Eddy Umeh-Humbodlt St, Brandyn Thompson-Redskins, Lavelle Hawkins-Titans, Mike Grant-UNLV, Zach Andrews-Pro Am and Bueno-Artist.

Darius Pickens - Panthers Coach, Northern Pacific semi-pro football league.

“The poster will be auctioned off, and the benefit will go to an austism foundation,” said Darius Pickens,  who’s daugher has autism.

More on the auction and that event later on.

There are a lot of Athletes who use and endorse Sun Born Natural Products Co. Herbal Chi Balm.

image of Herbal Chi Balm by Sun Born Natural Products Co. Rub on pain relief  Herbal Chi Balm,    invented    by Grandmaster Greg Yau,  contains a  combination of 20  hot and cool  Chinese healing  herbs. It is specially prepared using a proprietary method, bringing ancient science together with 21st century technology involving quantum physics. This secret processing enhances, and strengthens the herb’s properties creating incredibly powerful pain relief. Additionally, Herbal Chi Balm is designed to activate the bodies natural inner energy force known as “Chi”, which causes many positive effects on the body.
Sun Born Natural Products took on the product after a year of testing on selected individuals in the private sector, including pro & semi-pro athletes, and everyday people.

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